A Satisfaction Questionnaire Example

I’m often asked for a satisfaction questionnaire example by small and medium-sized business owners that want to understand how customers view their brands and how they might develop programs to improve loyalty among those customers.

My starting point is almost always a simple satisfaction questionnaire that can be programmed in just a few minutes using one of the free or low-cost online survey software tools. Good examples are sites such as such as SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Zoomerang or SurveyPro.

While each of these sites has its strengths some are easier to get started with than others. For the types of questions in this satisfaction questionnaire example, I’ve used SurveyGizmo. It’s a bit more sophisticated than some of the others but also fits the bill in terms of a relatively easy learning curve.

The satisfaction questionnaire should include an opportunity for customers to rate your brand (or product) in terms of how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend or colleague. I prefer to use the approach taken in Fred Reichheld’s Net Promoter Score which is to ask

“How likely would you be to recommend [brand or product X] to a friend or colleague?”

The rating scale is important here. Use a 0 to 10 scale, where this low-end means “Not at All Likely…” and the top-end means “Extremely Likely to Recommend”.

You’ll follow that question up with a short open ended probe that reads

“What could we do to get your rating to a 10?”

These questions use skip logic so that customers who gave a rating of 10 simply skip over the open-ended question without seeing it.

Finally, a good classification question is important to sorting customers into groups that are more or less valuable to your business. You’ll want to see how the answers differ between these groups.

I’ve prepared an example satisfaction questionnaire which you can click through to get a feel for how brief — and powerful — such a customer survey can be.

For contrast, here’s a recent post about the really bad customer satisfaction questionnaire.

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